I bet you didn’t think starting a
business online would feel
more like a full time job.

Hi, I’m Meera, and I know what it feels like
when no one knows you exist on planet Internet
when you’re starting from sub-zero.

I mean sure, the freedom is great.

You get to work in your pajamas or yoga pants…no crazy office politics to deal with either…

But it’s actually harder than you thought it’d be.

You just wanted to carve out a tiny slice of the internet….share your voice…

And make a decent income from your zone of genius (maybe you’re silently even wondering if you have a zone of genius)…

But it seems so ridiculously hard with everything it seems you have to juggle…

Pinterest and Facebook algorithms…

different social media graphic sizes…

praying you don’t break your own WP site…

and email marketing, let’s not even get started with email!

To top it of, it seems you have to sell to make it online…but you hate selling….

You don’t want to become that person…you know the hard selling internet sleaze ball who slathers ick and sleaze when launch time arrives….

or the pompous guru who can’t stop talking about their success…

Your focus is in a million different places and not where it should really be to move forward

You’re overwhelmed, frustrated and dead tired!

But you do your best to stay afloat…

You hit Google and read post after post..download freebie after freebie only to get confused by by all the conflicting free advice out there.

Things aren’t changing much though…

You still hyperventilate though every time you hit ‘send’ on an email (no judgement - been there, done that!)

….every unsubscribe still feels like a dagger through your heart

You feel like you’re not making any progress at all when everyone is boasting X-figures in Facebook groups like it’s a walk in the park…

Bottomline: You think something’s wrong with you…you think you’re doing all the wrong things…you think there’s a secret you haven’t unlocked yet in another course….You wish you just knew what to do next.

Nodding your head yes?

Well, let’s change that.


Hey I'm Meera

And I know what it feels like when no one knows you exist on planet Internet…when you’re starting from sub-zero.

That wasn’t too long ago and the memory’s still fresh in my mind.

I’m an email marketing strategist and Amazon bestselling Author - and no I didn’t come into business as one. Email’s my thing but it hasn’t always been that way.

I’ve struggled. Had my own share of blogger envy. Had ugly cry days where a big fat total of 2 people bought my courses. And I really did crash my own site once.

Things started to turn around when I realized that marketing has changed. Selling has changed too.

The winners are those who play the long game…the ones who are prepared to be top of mind…who are dedicated to gaining mind share when their subscriber isn’t even in the marketing to buy…

That’s what I’m here to help you with.

Let’s get back to simple.

I believe good marketing advice doesn’t have to be locked away behind a $2000 pay wall. 

I also believe marketing is not about 6-figures or a huge email list.

It’s about defining your goals, what success looks like to you and then taking focused steps to create that success with your business.

You won’t get surface level information here. 

You won’t get easy answers too.

But I promise to simplify this big scary word called ‘marketing’ and show

you how to infuse it into everything you do with your business.

So grab your coffee as you dig through my posts.
Things will start to click…light bulbs may even go off…aha moments - you’ll get those too. I promise.

Wondering where to start? I’ve picked the best ones for you right below.

But hang on a second.

If these ideas resonate with you, I’d love to help you out on the ‘inside’.

70% of my writing goes to my list and not my blog. These are not notifications of blog posts but fresh doses of inspiration to build your business and mindset. Join 10k+ solopreneurs who always get my best content. I’ll help you stand out without selling out.

Fun Facts About Me

  • Home is Singapore where I live with my husband, daughter and parents. So if you hear me on a podcast or if I’m doing a live training, it’s likely either 11 pm or 5am my end of the world.
  • I consider myself the accidental entrepreneur. You know how people say I knew I was meant to start a business. That was never me. No one in my family owns a business. You went to college and got a job. I never had an entrepreneurial bone in my body.
  • I started of writing fiction (can you imagine!) and actually won first prize in an international writing contest. Now, though, I don’t think I can ever imagine writing fiction again.
  • I have always been the nerd who sits in the from row in class
  • I love coffee (with milk) and milk chocolate (that’s not really a fun fact. I’m guessing that’s you too?)

What they say


Meera’s content is one of the best in the blogging & digital marketing industry – the amount of useful information she gives is remarkable. I also love how authentic and helpful she is.She is not just another expert, she is an amazing human being with so much value to give to the world. You should never miss a chance to work with her.

— Raelyn Tan


Meera’s content is not the regurgitated marketing ideas that you hear from other bloggers & solopreneurs. The insights that she offers for free are what I believe others must be hiding away in their online courses – as that’s the only thing that could explain why so much of what I’ve learned from her I hadn’t heard before.

The first time I came across her site I literally read EVERY post all in one sitting – and they’re all crazy in depth posts – but it didn’t matter because I was hooked! She knows marketing is about the people as much as it is the product.

— Yuri Gibson


I’ve been on your email list for a while now and absolutely LOVE your content!  I am super picky about who I allow to chill in my inbox.  Email has been one of my greatest struggles.  Everything from your Facebook training to email marketing template pack has been super helpful. I always look out for your emails and utilize your wisdom to help me in the process of recreating my funnels and email strategy.  So thank you!  I’m a faithful subscriber…

— Erin Dickson

Are you an ambitious solopreneur or blogger who wants to find focus, build authority and stand out online? Overwhelmed, running in circles and getting little gain for your blogging efforts? If that's you, you're in the right place. 70% of my writing goes directly to my email list. 

These are not notifications of blog posts but fresh doses of inspiration to build your blog, business and mindset. Click to see what some of my amazing readers have to say.

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  1. What a great story. This is a helpful template. We actually have a bit of a similar background. Oh, and things are starting to click for me. I think I found a good way to narrow my niche. I’m going to work on defining it and hopefully creating a “work with me” and “start here” page in next couple of days (or else within the next week). Still trying to let my brain coalesce on things.