Meera Kothand

Is Overthinking Stopping You from Launching Your Blog?

You feel depleted, worn-out, discouraged and feel like you're getting nowhere!

Blog Start Simplified

A 5-Day Free Mini-course with bite-sized concepts and assignments to help you kickstart your blog.

Stop Being Your Own Worst Enemy.

You can work like a digital slave to start and grow your blog but all those hours don't matter if you don't have a plan for success or clear roadmap to follow.

What you’ll find inside this free course

  • How to pick the right NAME + THEME for your blog - I'll give you 5 simple things you need to consider and walk you through it step by step.
  • The one thing most people who intend to start a blog fail to consider. (And no, it’s got nothing to do with your email list or content)
  • The 10-step checklist you need in your arsenal to know if your niche has the remotest chance of success
  • 3-key questions to address before you grow your audience. (And why not all traffic is good)
  • A simple hack to simplify your content categories

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