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And Systems That Simplify Marketing


The Blog Startup - The Step-by-Step Plan to Launch Smart and Grow Your Audience, Brand and Income in the First 90 Days

Wondering how to start a blog with a solid foundation without losing your sanity, crying bucketloads of tears or working yourself to death? This e-book introduces you to non-negotiable core-components in the form of bite-sized strategies and pro-tips so you won’t find yourself a year later wondering what went wrong.


The Ultimate Email Marketing Template Stash

What if you had proven plug-and-tweak templates to boost more sales and engagement in less time? The Email Marketing Template stash contains a carefully curated selection of email subject lines bound to skyrocket your opens, landing page templates with notes so that you can reproduce the same results for your own pages and emails.


The One Hour Content Plan - The Amazon Bestselling Book!

Always struggling to come up with content ideas for your blog posts? Wondering how to connect your content to sales? The 1-Hour Content Plan will help you unlock dozens of content ideas with ease. To be exact, a full year’s worth of traffic-building content ideas in 60 minutes or less.


Your First 100 - The Amazon Bestselling Book!

What if you had a pool of repeat customers and loyal, raving fans waiting to buy EVERY SINGLE ONE of your digital products? What if you never had to chase or wonder where the next sale of your digital product is going to come from? Your First 100 will help you take the brand and business you have right now and transform it into one that has the potential to build repeat customers and loyal, raving fans.

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But I’m Not An Expert! - The Amazon Bestselling Book!

How are some solopreneurs able to command attention? How do some become experts, while others fade into the background as simply noise? If you’ve ever said the words ‘But I’m Not An Expert!’, this book is for you. This book will address the fears of thousands of newbies struggling to build an influence online.


The CREATE Intensive Business Playbook

Need a planner that helps you take a full 360 view of your business? Would you love to think about strategy and income plans without the hefty price tag of a mentor or coach? You can use the CREATE Business Playbook as an end of year business retreat exercise to reflect and reorganize, a mid-year declutter-your-biz exercise, or simply because you need a surge of inspiration. The questions it raises will help you reflect, reframe, and realign different aspects of your business. Get ready for light bulbs and aha moments!


Grab the Popular Editorial Planner on Amazon! 

What if you could create intentional content by planning your blog calendar with your goals for the month and quarter? If you could track not just your social stats but email metrics and content types to determine what draws your audience to you. If you could map your projects to end goals to see what will give you the best results. Then you’ll love the CREATE Blog & Editorial Planner. If you’re ready to create a plan for your blog, hold yourself accountable, track your progress and make major strides in your blog and business, let the CREATE Blog & Editorial Planner guide you


Email Lists Simplified

What if you could grow a targeted list of subscribers that are primed to buy your product… increase your expert status just by writing minding reading sequences and say ‘good bye’ to emails that get only a fraction of opens, replies and clicks? Email lists Simplified is the is the A-Z email program that shows you EXACTLY how to turn email into an automated sales and list building machine for your blog or business


Product in 7

What it you could create a digital product in days instead of months? But not just any digital product…one that sells effortlessly? Product in 7 will give you the best hacks and strategies to minimize the amount of time it takes to create your first (or next) product! It bakes a lot of marketing into the process so that you don’t ever have to worry about not making a single sale. Create your first or next tiny product with this shockingly simple, templatized product creation process.

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