Meera Kothand

Are you struggling with your email list?

You have no idea what to send your list or where to start

Email Lists for Newbies – A free email course to help you kick start your email list even if you have not sent a single email!

Email Lists for Newbies – A free email course

Kickstart your email list and build better relationships with your readers

What you’ll find inside this free course

  • What you should be sending your subscribers and the most important step you shouldn't miss
  • How I make passive income from my email list and you can too
  • 8 email list mistakes you may be making & what to do instead
  • 3 critical things you need to have before you send a single email or start promoting your list
  • The secret to list building no one pays much attention to
  • The TSBC formula for getting your emails opened and read
  • The right template to use (the answer may shock you)

This course is for you if

  • You don’t know what the heck to send
  • You think email is not for you because you have a tiny list (think again)
  • You have not sent a single email to your list
  • Your opens are dismal and your emails are always misses never hits
  • You’re done with leaving email as your back burner and you want to take some serious action

Here's what they say

I was very sceptical about joining this course at first because it seemed like just another email marketing course. But now that I have opted in, I just wanted to say that - your content is gold. These are super freakin useful & actionable. So, thank you! ~ Sohag Ghosh

Meera's content is not the regurgitated marketing ideas that you hear from other bloggers & solopreneurs. The insights that she offers for free are what I believe others must be hiding away in their online courses - as that's the only thing that could explain why so much of what I've learned from her I hadn't heard before. She knows marketing is about the people as much as it is the product ~Yuri Gibson

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Takes you from scratch to nurturing your list with confidence and ease.